Diving with Enriched Air (Nitrox) is especially recommended when doing multiple dives a day or if you want to extend your bottom time.

Before diving with Enriched Air, you need to complete the Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty. This course is performed on land and diving is optional. After reading your manual and watching the video, you will take an exam, learn to analyze the oxygen content of your breathing gas, complete the Nitrox fill log and use a Nitrox computer on 2 simulated dives. After this, you will be certified to dive with Enriched Air all over the world. The entire course takes about 2 hours of your time at our dive shop and about 2 hours of self study.

After completing the course you can, of course, use our free upgrade to Nitrox on your VIP Air package.


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Enriched Air Nitrox eLearning - No dives included
- Traditional $129

– Prices per person per course. Including PADI certification and training material.
– PADI eLearning registration must be through VIP Diving to get the stated rate.
– PADI eLearning registration fee not included

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