Breathe through your nose while diving? Protect your skin against contaminants or cold? Or even communicate underwater? It’s all possible with a full face mask!

Since the full face mask became affordable for more people, diving with a full face mask is becoming more and more popular. There are a lot of benefits from diving with a full face mask, like breathing comfort, safety, communication, and physiological advantages. And it’s fun!

Try our Ocean Reef integrated dive masks (IDM) in the PADI Full Face Mask Specialty Course. First, you practice some special skills in our pool, and after that, you will experience diving and enjoying the beautiful reefs of Bonaire in a whole different way.

Things you will learn during this course:

– Benefits of a full face mask
– Components of a full face mask
– Diving with a full face mask
– Possible full face mask problems and solutions
– Maintenance

Count on one full day to complete this course.

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Full Face Mask Specialty – Including 3 dives (1 confined & 2 open water)
– Including IDM rental

Prices per person per course. Including PADI certification and training material, incl. full face mask, not including dive gear and air.

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