Experience Unlimited Diving

With an unlimited air & nitrox package, you can use as many tanks as you can dive, using either Air or Enriched Air (Nitrox 32%) for one price. We use well-maintained compressors and a state of the art membrane system to fill our tanks on site ensuring constant availability no matter how many dives you want to do. To ensure all our guests are getting the highest quality breathing air, our air is analyzed in the USA every three months.

VIP Diving has standard tanks in 3 different sizes (63, 80 and 100cf, equivalent to 10, 12 and 15l) as well as non-standard sizes for technical divers all at the same price and including weights. All of our tanks work with both DIN and Yoke (INT) regulators.

You can use our drive-thru every day from 8 am until 5 pm and we have an after hours pick-up and drop off for those coming in late or wanting to do a night dive while diving with an unlimited air & nitrox package.

We also offer the option of getting your tanks delivered at your accommodation. Please note the delivery fee and tank packages are per person.

Book Air Package
6 days unlimited Air/Nitrox 32% – Consecutive days $185
1 day unlimited Air/Nitrox 32% $35
1 single tank Air/Nitrox 32% $20
6 days tank delivery – Consecutive
– Surcharge on Unlimited Air/Nitrox package

Prices per person – Nitrox upgrade free of charge!

VIP drive thru tanks
VIP dive thru
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