• What is the water temperature in Bonaire?

    With an average water temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit/27 degrees Celsius, for most people diving is very comfortable in Bonaire. Especially when wearing a thin wetsuit, it is unlikely you will get cold. Our rental wetsuits are 3 mm shorties.

  • When is high season in Bonaire?

    The high season in Bonaire is from mid December to mid April. If you are planning to visit Bonaire during the high season, you are strongly encouraged to book your accommodation and dive package in advance.

  • What dive gear should I bring?

    Off course this answer is very personal to your own needs and also depends on whatever you are planning to do on the island. As shore diving is most common on Bonaire, we strongly advise use of open heel fins with booties instead of full foot fins. Although the water temperature in Bonaire is comfortably warm, we do advise wearing a thin wetsuit while diving. Please know it is prohibited to wear gloves while diving and that it is not allowed to bring spears (or anything of that kind) with you to the island.

  • Why does VIP mainly focus on shore diving?

    Bonaire is known as the shore diving capital of the world and we believe the most beautiful dive sites of the island are accessible from shore. We offer a whole range of different shore dive sites: from the most famous of the island to some unmarked sites off the beaten track. Because we use a truck instead of a boat to get from one site to the other, our guides get the opportunity to explain more about the island, show our guests beautiful places and introduce them to the local culture. In the end we believe more personal attention results in more fun and better diving.

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