To become a certified instructor, you need to successfully complete an Instructor Development Course (IDC). The IDC consists of two parts: the Assistant Instructor course (AI) and the Open Water Scuba Instructor program (OWSI). After completing the IDC, you need to successfully finish the Instructor Examination (IE). You can either take a full IDC at once or become an instructor step by step.

Assistant instructor

The PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) course is the first step in becoming a Scuba Instructor. The course will get you introduced to the PADI System of education and let you gain experience in teaching.

You will learn through confined water skill development, open water workshops, knowledge development, and presentations. After finishing the PADI Assistant Instructor course, you can begin your scuba diving teaching career by independently teaching some PADI courses and assisting with others.

EFR Instructor

Since you have already finished the EFR course, you know how important the CPR and first aid skills are. Not just for divers, but for everyone. By becoming an EFR Instructor, you share this knowledge and teach people to help others in need. During the EFR Instructor Course, you focus on developing your instructional abilities to teach the EFR skills to others. The course is conducted through classroom sessions, practical teaching assignments, and independent study.

To become an Open Water Scuba Instructor, you need to be an Emergency First Response Instructor. VIP Diving offers the opportunity to earn this rating prior to or during your OWSI program.

Open Water Scuba Instructor

During the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program, you will learn to conduct all PADI core courses while further developing your teaching skills. During the course, you’ll specifically learn how to apply the PADI System of Education, which you were introduced to during your Assistant Instructor course. You will learn through knowledge development, self-study, lectures, presentations, confined water skill assessments, and open water workshops. The goal of this program is to prepare you for the Instructor Examination and for real-world teaching PADI scuba courses.

The Instructor Examination (IE) is a two-day program that tests your teaching ability, dive theory knowledge, skill level, understanding of the PADI System, and attitude and professionalism. VIP Diving organizes its IDC programs immediately prior to an IE, so you have the opportunity to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor directly after finishing the OWSI program.


Upcoming courses
2019 2020 2020 2020 2020
EFR Instructor Nov 23-24 Feb 2-3 Apr 25-26 Aug 8-9 Nov 21-22
Instructor Development Course (IDC) Nov 26 – Dec 3 Feb 4-11 Apr 28 – May 5 Aug 11-18 Nov 24 – Dec 1
Instructor Examination (IE) Dec 5-6 Feb 13-14 May 7-8 Aug 20-21 Dec 3-4
Assistant Instructor After eLearning $695 $795
EFR Instructor $295
OWSI After eLearning $695 $795
Complete IDC After eLearning $1295 $1495
IDC Staff Instructor $695

Prices per person per course. Not including PADI application fees, training material, dive gear and air. PADI Instructor Examination fees not included where applicable.


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