Partners with VIP Tank Service

Bamboo Bonaire

Bamboo Bonaire is an intimate full service boutique resort with luxurious cottages and the world famous CHEFs restaurant. Our guests have tanks on-site provided by VIP Diving.

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The Bellafonte

With a newly renovated prime oceanfront location and truly stunning views with a relaxed atmosphere, it’s a perfect boutique hideaway with tanks on-site provided by VIP Diving for our guests.

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One Ocean

Five oceanfront apartments boasting contemporary interiors, a beach garden and direct access to the mesmerizing Bonaire water with tanks for guests on-site provided by VIP Diving.

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Premier Partnerships

VIP Diving carefully curates its partnerships on Bonaire based on the service and packages they provide and the feedback of our guests. We partner with only the best companies and organizations on the island who like us, strive to provide you with the best possible experience you can have on Bonaire. From accomodations, dive truck rentals, dive packages and more, our partners will make sure you fall in love with Bonaire.

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