Technical Diving at VIP

VIP Diving offers more technical diving courses and services for tec divers than any other shop on Bonaire. As a tec and CCR friendly dive center we offer gas blending services and gear rental for both open circuit and rebreather divers. Led by PADI Course Director Kevin O’Brien, our technical diving instructors can help you improve your skills or guide you through the depths of Bonaire. Come experience our pristine reefs and deep wrecks at depths few are able to safely explore.

Popular Tec Services

What is the Difference Between Tec and Recreational Diving?

If you’ve completed the Deep Diver course, you know a 130-foot / 40 metre dive on Bonaire is a rush, but have you ever wondered what it’s like at 150 feet / 45 metres? What about 300 feet / 90 metres or deeper down the walls of Karpata? Recreational divers can explore underwater worlds that non-divers will never see. Technical divers can see all the sites recreational divers can, but they can go deeper and/or stay longer. Increased limits open up even more places to explore. Tec divers use custom blends of Helium, Nitrox, 100% O2 as well as specialized equipment in order to safely dive to extreme depths with time left to explore.

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