Full Face Mask Diver

2 Days

3 Dives

Why use a Full Face Mask?

Diving with a full face mask allows you to breathe from your nose and mouth, and provides added comfort in colder water. The mask can also be fitted with communication gear, which can be useful for various types of specialty diving.

A more natural way to dive

Working divers, such as public safety divers, use full face masks because they protect the eyes and nose from contaminants in the water, provide comfort in cold water, and allow for communication. If you’re interested public safety diving, scientific diving, or venturing into extremely cold-water, then learning to dive with a full face mask is definitely for you. Because full face masks allow you to breathe from your nose, they are also beneficial for those who have difficulty using standard scuba masks. Diving with a full face mask offers a different experience and that alone may be reason to give it a try.

Try our Ocean Reef integrated dive masks (IDM) in the PADI Full Face Mask Specialty Course. First, you practice some special skills in our pool, and after that, you will experience diving and enjoying the beautiful reefs of Bonaire in a whole different way. The integrated dive mask rental is included in the course pricing.

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Full Face Mask Diver
Does NOT Include PADI e-Learning
  • 12 Years Old
  • A PADI Open Water Diver *

* Or qualifying certification from another training organization

learn to
  • Dive in a full face mask
  • Breath more naturally
  • Possible problems and solutions
  • How the full face mask works
  • How to care for your mask
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