We would love to introduce you to some spectacular ways or specific times to explore the wonders of the ocean by night. During a night dive, even the most familiar sites look different: the colors you see using your dive light are much brighter than during the day and you will encounter different aquatic life. Since we only dive in small groups we can ensure all divers get the personal attention they need to maximize their diving pleasure.


  • Get 10% discount on a guided Night Dive or a guided Ostracod Night dive*
  • Book a guided Night Dive & a guided Ostracod Night Dive and get a 20% discount*
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Night dive special – 1 dive Not including dive gear, air and dive light $53.10
Night dive special – 2 dives Not including dive gear, air and dive light $94.40
  • Discount only applies to non-refundable prepaid bookings
  • Special is not valid in combination with other discounts
  • Special doesn’t apply to an existing booking
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