PADI Women’s Dive Day

This year, we invite our guests to join the global celebration of Women’s Dive Day on 15 July 2023. Join our special event dive and celebrate the diversity of the dive community and the waters where we dive. This year marks the 9th year of this historic celebration and VIP continues to expand our efforts to celebrate the entire dive community and bring us all together.

We will be hosting an all-female dive group lead by our amazing female staff members for one afternoon guided dive. We will take you on a personal guided tour of our beautiful reefs, exploring our underwater world making bubbles together. Afterwards, we will bring you back to VIP for delicious snacks and some bubbles in our relaxing outdoor patio. We will be hosting this event free of charge and hope to celebrate with. Please contact us to book your spot.

Women’s Dive Day: FREE!
What is included?

  • One Guided Dive
  • Tank Included
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
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With the overwhelming support of the dive community over the last eight years, PADI Women’s Dive Day has unquestionably grown into a worldwide celebration that brings everyone together to foster a global community that encourages divers of all genders, ages, races, backgrounds and experience levels to safely and confidently seek adventure and save the ocean. What began in 2015 to encourage more female participation in the sport has evolved over the years, gaining traction across this industry with both males and females alike. At VIP Diving, we continue to celebrate the diverse dive community we love and hope you can join us.

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