VIP Diving cares about our ocean. As divers, we love the sea and everything that’s living in it. We also see how vulnerable it is. That’s why VIP Diving is a proud 100% AWARE partner!

Project AWARE is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of divers. They connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation. It is a non-profit organization, supported by PADI, which empowers thousands of divers all over the world to help clean, protect and preserve our planet’s oceans.

AWARE inspires, informs, and provides the tools needed to engage and connect individuals, governments, NGOS, and businesses who share these values and vision for a clean, healthy ocean. By joining campaigns like Dive against Debris and Responsible Shark & Ray Tourism every diver can help to protect the ocean!

As a 100% AWARE Partner, VIP Diving makes a donation on behalf of every student we certify. So if you finish a course with us, you will automatically contribute to the protection of our oceans. In return, our students will get a limited edition 100% Project Aware certification card.

aware cards

Protecting Our Ocean Planet – One Dive at a Time

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