Choosing VIP is choosing Sea Turtle Conservation

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire is an important organization that protects the turtle species of Bonaire by the protection of nesting beaches, seagrass protection, research, cleanups, and education.

VIP Diving supports their work by adopting a nest each nesting season. By joining the Adopt-A-Nest program we help STCB to protect the nests that are laid on Bonaire’s beaches in the interests of sea turtle survival.

It enables them to:
· Relocate nests that are in danger of drowning;
· Rescue newborn turtles that become wrapped in roots during hatching;
· Sustain the popular Beachkeeper program;
· Collect data that will help us protect nests better, as well as reveal the health status of Bonaire’s sea turtles

We also support the STCB’s Fishing Line Project. Divers who find waste fishing gear in the water can deposit them into the special ‘TAngler bin’ in our drive-thru. By taking fishing gear out of the water, you might save a turtle from entanglement.

Besides that, we sell the STCB merchandise in our dive shop. All revenues go directly to STCB. Come to our store and have a look at the collection of t-shirts, hats, and jewelry!

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