Choosing VIP Diving is choosing Sunscreen awareness! Did you know your sunscreen can harm corals? Many types of sunscreen contain ingredients like Oxybenzone, which affects the coral in a very bad way. Recently biologists found that Oxybenzone contributes to bleaching, has a harmful effect on DNA, and disrupts reproduction and growth.

Alternatives for harmful sunscreen

As VIP Diving we encourage our guests to avoid sunscreens with Oxybenzone. Luckily there are safe alternatives to protect yourself in the sun without using harmful sunscreen:

– Wear protective clothing, like rash guards
– Use sunscreens with a combination of zinc and titanium

We sell rash guards and Stream2Sea products in our dive shop, but there are other ways to minimize the impact too:

– Apply at least 30 minutes before entering the water
– Use lotions, not sprays
– Avoid sunscreen protection factor above 50

Help save our reefs

VIP Diving supports the Sunscreen Awareness Project by Wageningen University and Boneiru Duradero in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund. Together we can save our beautiful reefs from harmful chemicals!

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Sunscreen tips
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