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Bonaire might not be known as a tec diving mecca … yet … but there is a number of beautiful dives and deep wrecks that still contain pieces of Bonaire’s maritime history that are close to or beyond recreation depths. We also have the benefit of shallow reefs to enjoy during deco! Let us take you on guided tec dives and show you our dive sites from an entirely different perspective and experience Bonaire’s depths the VIP way.

Due to the the custom nature of tec diving, please provide us with your preferred site, number of divers, depth and any other equipment needs and we will put together a quote for you.

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The Mairi Bahn ran aground on a reef in 1905 and sat there, largely stripped, until hurricane dislodged it in 1912 and it sunk. The wrecks maximum depth is 60m/200ft and requires at least Tec 50 certification. Once beneath the waves, the 240ft long wreck waits for you to explore the lattice hull structure and your decompression stops on your ascent will be on one of Bonaire’s most beautiful reefs.

Red Slave

While most recreational divers choose to dive Red Slave shallow to look for Eagle Rays and Stingrays, we can venture deep to discover the anchor fields at 60m or chase the massive chain to 120m in search of a large anchor left from Bonaire’s past.


Karpata Plantation once hosted a variety of ships. Many of those ships anchored off the reef, but were unable to hoist the anchors back up to the ship. These anchors likely got stuck and so the ships cut them loose leaving both the anchors and their chains to become a part of the reefs. The maximum depth for the anchors ranges from 60m/200ft to 120m/400ft.

Hilma Hooker

There are many legends about how the Hilma Hooker sunk in its current resting place, but they all have the same ending: A fantastic dive at an easily accessible 30m/100ft. Want to venture inside and under the engine room? Let us take you!

Cooper’s Barge

Before Bonaire’s desalinization plant was online, water was brought by barge from Curacao. In 1972, this small barge sank in front of the WEB facility at only 45m/145ft. Since its sinking it has been reclaimed by the reef and is now home to many colorful corals and fish.

South Pier Wreck

In the sands below the Kralendijk’s South Pier lies a small wreck that once belonged to Divi Flamingo’s Divi Dive. The small dive boat as damage during a storm and didn’t manage to make it back. This wreck lies at about 50m/165ft and is commonly home to many large lionfish.

Are you ready to explore the depths of Bonaire?

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