November 4th, 2020

From today on, Bonaire is marked as ‘code yellow’ which means you can safely travel to Bonaire from the Netherlands! We would love to see you at VIP Diving, we are ready for you!

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October 1st, 2020

October 7th, 2020

VIP Diving Bonaire has implemented various COVID-19 related protocols to keep you and our staff safe. We can’t wait to see you back in our divers’ paradise on Bonaire in the future!

General Protocols

  • Maintain a social distance of 1.5m with staff and guests.
  • Social distancing protocols apply to all aspects of the business.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located at all entry points. Please use hand sanitizer or wash hands any time you enter.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid handshakes, elbow bumps, fist bumps, high fives, hugs, etc.
  • Cover all coughs or sneezes with elbow or tissue.
  • Do not touch items that belong to other guests or staff members.
  • Please look but not touch items throughout the store.
  • High touch areas will be disinfected throughout the day (doorknobs, light switches, etc.)
  • Lockers will be disinfected every morning.
  • Classrooms will be disinfected every morning and between groups of guests.
  • Defog can be purchased for personal use. Spitting is not allowed in masks.
  • If you are not feeling well or are showing signs/symptoms, please inform VIP diving through email or phone call.

Drive-Thru Protocols

  • Staff members will wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly before filling tanks. Once tanks are moved to the designated area, all tank valves and dust caps will be disinfected with soap and water.
  • Sanitize hands before analyzing tanks at the Air and Nitrox stations. A hand sanitizing station will be available in the drive-thru.
  • Guests should only touch the tanks they are taking with them.
  • Staff members have been asked not to handle guest gear or tanks unless absolutely necessary.
  • Keep a 1.5m distance while in the drive-thru.

Gear / Retail Protocols

  • Staff and guests are required to wash or sanitize their hands before fitting of rental gear.
  • Masks for sale: Guests should have a staff member present for mask try-ons. Staff members will place masks used for fitting aside in a “quarantine” box and properly disinfect before hanging on display.

Diving Protocols

  • Diving Protocols

    –       Face masks and open windows are mandatory when inside VIP trucks.
    –       Guest Options for diving
    o   Option 1 – Face masks are mandatory inside the VIP trucks. 4 guests max are allowed in the VIP trucks if all are from the same family or party. If guests are not from the same family or party, all guests should agree to travel in the VIP trucks together.
    o   Option 2 – Guests can follow in their own vehicles for guided dives or courses if they do not want to wear face masks.
    o   Option 3 – If personal transportation is unavailable or guests do not want to wear face masks, we can only offer dives at Sebastian’s reef (our House reef)
    –       Your instructor will have hand sanitizer available.
    –       Predive Safety Check will be completed at the 1.5m distance. Do not test breathe alternate air source. Test purge alternate air source only (all rental and personal gear).
    –       Dive sites
    o   Social distancing rules apply at the truck and the surface.
    o   Set up – If possible, have family members help each other in all aspects (carrying boxes, tanks, gear, entry/exit, at the surface, etc.)

Rinse Area Protocols

  • All staff and guests are required to follow the new rinse tank protocols for all gear (rental or owned).
    • Step 1 – Disinfect all masks, snorkels, mouthpieces, and BCD oral inflator (if used) in the disinfectant solution (VIP blue box) for 5 minutes.
    • Step 2 – Rinse gear in the appropriate rinse tanks labeled with yellow rocks.
  • Gear storage is at each person’s own risk. Please do not move or touch someone else’s gear.
  • If you do not want to follow the rinse tank protocols, gear should be taken home.

VIP (Virus Individual Protection) Care Kit

  • Hand sanitizer – $8
  • Defog – $9.95
  • Hand sanitizer & defog – $15
  • Regular mouthpiece $5
  • Comfort bite mouthpiece – $10

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October 1st, 2020

We are fully back in business. That means our shop & drive-thru are open 7 days a week from 8 AM-5 PM. Guided dives & courses are now being scheduled. Our strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines remain in place.

Our team is ready to serve you!

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September 21st, 2020

Our drive-thru will be OPEN (8-5) for air fills & tank take away only. Our shop is CLOSED until at least September 30th (Due to government-regulated COVID-19 restrictions).

Our strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines remain in place.

If you have any questions, please email us. Stay safe and will keep you posted.

May 21st, 2020

With zero active cases of COVID-19 on Bonaire, the island is opening up a bit more internally. With more people being out and about, we also want to deliver more service. We are happy to announce that we are back to normal operating hours (7 days a week 8AM-5PM). We have strict hygiene rules in place and ask everyone to keep social distancing. This means there may be certain restrictions to courses and dives we can do, but we’re here to help and to make plans with you. We look forward to hearing from you!

April 22nd, 2020

-For the latest information about COVID-19 on Bonaire, please visit this website.
-We are still OPEN. For our opening hours, see the previous update of March 30th, 2020.
-Many of our guests how they can help us in these difficult times. We sell gift vouchers. Read more here.

March 30th, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 / Corona Crisis our opening hours are temporarily changed until further notice.

Starting on April 1st, our shop and drive-thru are open:

  • Monday till Friday 9 am – 4 pm
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, we are closed.

Our top priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our guests. We will do our utmost best to stay open for tank exchange and equipment sales and repairs.

If you have any questions, please call (+599 701 7701) or email us. Stay safe and we hope to see you sooner than we think.

March 23th, 2020

We are now more than a week further and the last tourists are leaving the island. While we are still open for our local customers, we stick to social distancing and handwashing guidelines and ask our guests to do the same. Equipment disinfectant is available for your own gear and we disinfect rental and course gear on a daily basis.

We will do our best to keep our doors open for local customers wanting to dive. We understand that now more than ever you need your underwater time.

March 15th, 2020

Dear VIP Diving guests and friends,

As for most of the rest of the world, these are uncertain times for Bonaire and for VIP Diving. We urge you to follow the official news channels and airline, tour operator or cruise line communications for information about your upcoming trip to Bonaire.

If you do have to cancel a booking with VIP Diving due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will do our best to help you claim it with your trip insurance, or alternatively move that booking to a later date within 12 months of your original booking.

For those of you still able to make it to Bonaire, rest assured that we have taken measures to keep you safe while diving with us. All our rental gear is disinfected after use according to CDC/DAN guideline. We also have the same disinfectant available at our rinse tanks for guest gear. Our staff has been instructed to keep an appropriate social distance. This might mean that we greet you in a more distant manner than usual. At this moment there are no known cases of COVID-19 infection on Bonaire.

We hope to see some of you still at VIP Diving and we appreciate your business now more than ever. For those who have to postpone your visit, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm regards on behalf of the whole VIP Diving team.

Bas Noij


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