Deep Diver

2 Days

4 Dives

Why go deep?

The PADI Deep Diver is a speciality course ideal for those looking to venture into the depths beyond the 18 meters (60 feet) of the Open Water Diver qualification, as well as beyond the 30 meters (100 feet) of the Advanced Open Water Diver course. Above all, this course is for depth lovers. With this speciality, your instructor will help you develop safe diving practices over 2 days to comfortably explore life down at 40 meters (130 feet) below the surface!

Go where few others have been

From deeper wrecks to spotting new species, taking your diving deeper offers new sights and adventures. Many great diving experiences are beyond 18 meters in depth, so don’t limit your dives – become a PADI Deep Diver today. Chances are that wrecks which lay deeper are better preserved, as waves and surges won’t harm the structure as much as near the surface. If you want to further your experience, you can even consider the PADI Tec 40 course, where you transition from recreational scuba diving to technical diving.

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Deep Diver
Does NOT Include PADI e-Learning
  • 15 Years Old
  • PADI Adventure Diver *

* Or qualifying certification from another training organization

learn to
  • Manage your gas supply
  • Identify and deal with narcosis
  • See more of the underwater world
  • Dive to 40m / 130ft
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